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Join our campaign to protect at least half of North America’s boreal forest, the critical breeding grounds for billions of birds!

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Canada and the United States have the opportunity to become world leaders in large-scale forest conservation and sustainable development.

Conservation measures are in place in some areas, but more are urgently needed to protect boreal birds and their forest home.

That is why we support efforts to realize the following vision as soon as possible:

  • At least half of the boreal forest region must be protected and remain free of large-scale industrial disturbance.  That level of protection is necessary to maintain healthy populations of the full spectrum of bird species and other wildlife inhabiting the North American boreal forest;
  • Industrial activities undertaken in the remaining unprotected areas should be carried out with the highest global sustainability standards, with an emphasis on maintaining healthy and pristine wetlands and waterways;
  • Both protected areas and industrial activities should proceed only with the free, prior, and informed consent of the affected Aboriginal communities.

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Endorsing Organizations

The following organizations endorse the Boreal Birds Need Half campaign.

Contact us to find out how to add your business or organization to the list of endorsers.

  • Boreal Songbird Initiative [Logo]
  • Ducks Unlimited Inc. [Logo]
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada [Logo]
  • The PEW Charitable Trusts [Logo]
  • Bird Studies Canada [Logo]
  • CPAWS [Logo]
  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology [Logo]
  • Audubon [Logo]
  • SNAP [Logo]
  • Nature Needs Half [Logo]
  • Environment for the Americas [Logo]
  • Wild Bird Centers of America [Logo]
  • Nature Canada [Logo, 75 Years]
  • Nature Calgary [Logo]
  • Ontario Field Ornithologists [Logo]
  • Swarovski Optik [Logo]
  • Eagle Optics [Logo]
  • American Bird Conservancy [Logo]
  • Eagle Eye Tours [Logo]
  • [Logo]
  • Carl Zeiss AG [Logo]
  • Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge [Logo]
  • Ontario Nature [Logo]
  • Field Guides [Logo]
  • Canadian WildLife Federation [Logo]
  • Montana Audubon [Logo]
  • Bird Protection Quebec [Logo]
  • Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS) [Logo]
  • Mass Audubon [Logo]
  • American Forests [Logo]
  • Nova Scotia Bird Society [Logo]
  • Seattle Audubon [Logo]
  • San Diego Audubon Society [Logo]
  • Audubon Society of Corvallis [Logo]
  • Coeur d’Alene Audubon [Logo]

Why Boreal Birds Need Half

North America’s boreal forest, stretching from interior Alaska across Canada to the Atlantic Ocean, is the breeding ground for an estimated 3 billion birds and more than 300 species— nearly half of all bird species in the U.S. and Canada. Many species are in decline, and habitat loss is a key factor. Modern conservation science contends that at least half of an ecosystem should be protected from development to preserve its ecological health and biodiversity.

This report by theBoreal Songbird Initiative andDucks Unlimited demonstrates why preserving at least half of this forest ecosystem is needed to give boreal birds their best opportunity for survival in today’s rapidly changing world.

In addition to protecting at least half of the boreal forest, the report recommends sustainable development in the remaining areas. Both protected areas and industrial activities should proceed only with the free, prior, and informed consent of affected Aboriginal communities.

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More on the Boreal Forest and Birds

Migration Map

More than 90% of the birds that breed in the boreal forest migrate south each fall.

Up to 5 billion birds, adults and their young, migrate to their wintering habitat in areas as close as the US and as far as southern South America.

Check out this map for a closer look at where they go.

Boreal Birds Video

Birds aren’t the only ones who intimately rely on the boreal forest for their survival. Mammals both large and small, fish, and other wildlife also call the boreal home.

This video produced by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service provides a fascinating overview of the boreal forest and why it’s so important on a global scale.